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OnePlus is introducing a new AI-powered feature to its SMS app today, one that automatically groups messages together by category — much like Gmail does for email. Additionally, traditionally plain-text SMS messages will now be displayed as visualizations to make them more readable.

Anyone who uses Gmail will know that it classifies and separates inbound messages by type — Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates. Now OnePlus is adopting a similar approach with the trusty old SMS, which in truth has barely changed since the dawn of the mobile phone era.

Inbound messages will be siloed into groups such as Promotional, Transactional, Coupons, Banking, Travel, E-Commerce, and OTP one-time passwordswith the user then able to click in each sub-inbox to read the relevant messages. But more than simply categorizing the SMS messages, this also allows the SMS app to analyze and extract key components of a message to display it in a more user-friendly card format, similar to what you might see in an email.

This makes important information, such as delivery times and bill due dates, stand out more. Plus certain elements of the message are interactive — a one-time password can be copied at the click of a button and then pasted into whatever app requires authentication. At first glance, it would appear that these visualizations rely on Rich Communication Services RCSan emerging protocol designed to upgrade SMS to mimic most of the best features of messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Aside from RCS, which has been slow on the uptake, other companies are working toward bringing SMS messages into the 21st century. But in short, SMS is about to look a lot different to millions of people around the world. Lockdown got you stressed? Now's the perfect time to try meditation with this top-rated app. Stay busy while social distancing with a lifetime pass to Rosetta Stone and more for a huge discount. Stuck inside? View all deals.There are literally hundreds of different messaging platforms to choose from these days.

The default SMS apps that are pre-loaded on phones are often not very good. You can find a much better alternative in this list of the best text messaging apps for Android. The good news for a lot of people is the best text messaging app is probably already on your phone. The app is clean, simple to use, RCS-compliant, and will soon be rebranded and pumped with new features. The app has evolved with every new Android release to stay fresh.

Chomp SMS is free with a few optional in-app purchases.

oneplus messages app

The app boasts a ton of customization when it comes to notifications, which can be very important for a messaging app. Downloadable themes help you get the look you want. Facebook Messenger has SMS built-in and integrated with internet messaging.

That means you can have all your conversations in one app. But Facebook users should give it a shot. Handcent has been around for almost as long as Android itself. The app has continued to get better and better as the years have passed. Mood Messenger is one of the youngest apps on our list. Mood Messenger users can also send messages to each other without using SMS. The app is completely free with no in-app purchases.

The app also has a conversation back-up tool and the ability to blacklist certain numbers. You can give individual conversations custom themes as well.

As the name implies, this app is all about speed. You can get in and out of conversations without getting bogged down.

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Textra is a very popular SMS app and for good reason. This app offers a plethora of customization options. Everything from the background, notifications, contacts, emoji, and bubbles can be completely customized. Textra is free and the developers have pledged to keep it that way forever.

Some of the features that set it apart is scheduled messaging, auto-responses, conversation backups, and blacklisting. The Material Design looks great and the app is very easy to use. Some of the features require an in-app purchase, but for the most part, this is a great free SMS app. Order the Samsung Galaxy S20 at Amazon. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Best Text Messaging Apps for Android.

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Download QR-Code. Developer: Google LLC. Price: Free. Developer: Delicious. Developer: Luke Klinker.But at the end of the day, the native features can only do so much. There are certain things that the phone still lacks such as a multi- functional note-keeping app or a feature-rich image editor.

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If you are someone who is looking to maximize the potential of their new OnePlus 7 phones, have a looks at these must-have apps. Are you looking for a privacy-focused browser? If yes, say hello to Firefox Focus. For one, it offers a complete private browsing experience right out-of-the-box. Along with that, it also comes with native anti-tracking capabilities.

If you have used Chrome for many years, you might find the switch a bit problematic initially. Why Firefox Focus? Plus, it also lets you customize its anti-tracking capabilities. The default OnePlus photo editing app is quite capable when it comes to image editing. From lowering the exposure of the image to tuning it to perfection, it can do a lot. All you need to do is open the image via its Gallery app. However, when it comes to editing RAW images, Snapseed is the best app for the job.

Just open the image via Snapseed, and all the required image editing tools will be made available to you. Snapseed also lets you remove image backgrounds or convert a color image to monochrome without losing out on details. By now, you must have noticed that the third lens produces beautiful wide-angle shots.

You just have to remember to frame your shots properly. But when it comes to posting them on social media sites like Instagram, the default frame does nothing to justify the wide angle shots. PanoramaCrop works by dividing wide-angle and panoramas into two or more parts, thereby letting your followers see the full image.

Why PanoramaCrop? However, it is not exactly feature-rich. Plus, it comes loaded with features which add to the overall experience. From accessing your cloud-based storage to the handy dual panel mode and the built-in ability to compress files, Solid Explorer packs a punch.

How OnePlus phones will smartly sort your texts using on-device AI

Similar to the file explorer, the built-in notes called the Memo app is also pretty limited. If you are a newbie to the field of note-taking and to-do apps, you might want to check out Microsoft To-Do. This one is a dedicated to-do app for making lists and sublist with a deadline, or add collaborators.

The best thing about Microsoft To-Do is that you can also access and mark off your to-dos on the web. Why Microsoft To-Do? It does the job as advertised. Plus, it syncs easily across multiple platforms.What continues to be its biggest selling point though is the price, with the 6T also undercutting the competition by at least a couple of hundred dollars. However, like any current generation smartphone, the OnePlus 6T has faced its fair share of issues since launch.

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Here is a roundup of some common OnePlus 6T problems, and potential solutions on how to fix them! One of the more interesting announcements during the launch of the OnePlus 6T was the fact that the device is certified to work on the Verizon network. A few additional steps are required in this case:.

However, some users have found that the option to use the fingerprint scanner to sign in to these apps is missing. It remains too dark to for comfortable viewing. This is one of the more common OnePlus 6T problems that have been reported recently.

This seems to be one of the more common OnePlus 6T problems around. Connectivity issues are quite common in new devices, and the OnePlus 6T no exception. Below are the general steps you can follow when facing problems with connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. The more prevalent OnePlus 6T problems have to do with Bluetooth connectivity.

There may appear to be quite a few OnePlus 6T problems around. However, OnePlus does a great job listening to community feedback and addressing issues as quickly as possible. How To. You may have to ask them to ensure that both the billing and network profiles for your account are the same, i.

Quite a few users have found that the customer service rep is unaware of the issue or the process required. You may have to escalate the problem to a level 2 rep and users have often had to try multiple times before finding a rep who could properly help them out. Problem 3 — Option to user fingerprint sensor to sign-in to apps not available.

Comments Read comments. You Might Like. The best home fitness streaming services — bring the gym class to you! Error 83 on Disney Plus — What is it and how can you fix it?

Google Messages deleting your texts? Here are a few possible fixes. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus international giveaway! April 5, Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. Your source for all things Android!No longer will your messages merely populate your phone in chronological order, cluttered with bill reminders, payment notifications, and one-time passwords.

The system went live in India Thursday, with expansion planned for additional countries, including the United States. Instead of a simple chronological list of your conversations, OnePlus Messages will feature three folders at the top of the screen: Promotional, Transactional, and OTP one-time passwords.

That means messages from your bank and credit card company will land in Transactional, 2FA codes will end up in OTP, and deals and sales from stores will go straight to Promotional.

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The OnePlus messaging app will use on-device AI to automatically sort non-personal messages into folders. Personal messages will be ignored and reside on the main screen like usual, but text from businesses will be sorted into the appropriate folder. Sheth estimated that percent of incoming messages will be sorted under the new system.

As the AI engine categorizes messages, it also extracts key information, such as flight numbers and 2FA codes, and highlights the info in a Google Now-style card view.

You can easily see and copy the relevant information without needing to open the entire message. He also hopes to work with businesses to generate unique looks for the cards. Sheth stressed numerous times that the AI software works entirely on the device, and neither OnePlus nor Gupshup will see or store any messages.

Privacy was paramount in developing the system, Sheth said, which is part of the reason why the model is limited to so-called enterprise messages.

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Rather, Sheth said the intelligence will be tweaked, improved, and analyzed behind the scenes and pushed to phones via background updates separate from OnePlus app and system updates. Along with a team of engineers, Gupshup is working with a group of paid users who have agreed to share their inboxes and sample messages to help train the AI.

As Sheth explains, each country requires a whole new training for the AI, which inevitably presents new problems that need to be solved. For example. For now, Sheth merely wants to clear out the junk so your message list is cleaner. You can usually find him with his nose buried in a screen. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. Android iPhone Phone Accessories. Cutting down on the clutter Instead of a simple chronological list of your conversations, OnePlus Messages will feature three folders at the top of the screen: Promotional, Transactional, and OTP one-time passwords.

Gupshup The OnePlus messaging app will use on-device AI to automatically sort non-personal messages into folders.

oneplus messages app

Read our affiliate link policy for more details.Text messaging is among the most popular ways to communicate in the whole world. We do understand that many people still prefer the human touch of talking on the phone and we respect that. Do note that various texting apps will have issues depending on your device, Android version, carrier, and texting habits. Android Message is a free texting app by Google. In terms of features, Android Messages keeps it light.

The design is entirely Material Design. Google also has big plans for this app, including RCS support along with other neat features. This also has a web version for texting on your computer.

Chomp SMS has been around since the good old days of Android and was one of the very first, really good third party texting apps. It has since evolved into an app that embraces Material Design while still having plenty of features. You can even stop a text mid-send if needed.

It also comes with Android Wear and Pushbullet support. There are plenty of other customization features should you want them. It uses a ton of battery, storage, and RAM. It also has ads. However, chances are that you have it on your device. That way you can kind of kill two birds with one stone. It has satisfactory SMS integration if that helps. Handcent, along with Chomp SMS, were the first two really good, really popular third party texting apps available on Android.

Some of them include themes, a privacy box to store private conversations, SMS backup, eCards, emojis, and plenty more.Deep Dive : la rencontre entre street-art, Never Settle et tech. Google Messages App Chat features Jul 25, Froyo Jul 25, I'm in the UK on the Vodafone network and the features were available on both a Pixel 3 and Mate 20 Pro I used recently but chat option is "unavailable" on the OnePlus 7.

Is this a bug perhaps, a network issue or do OnePlus handsets not support these features? Froyo Jul 29, Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 1, I'm running open beta software though, so I assumed that was the reason. Froyo Aug 1, Same with OnePlus support who I spoke to online last night, no bugs or compatability issues they're aware of. That just leaves Google I suppose.

Cupcake Oct 11, On my OnePlus 7 Pro, the chat function was disabled until I toggled the "use simple characters" setting in Google Messages as well as "use Google messages as default app" from within Google messages itself - then the chat function started itself up and configured itself automatically. I even got a message from Vodafone with a video giving more information on it.

The other thing you have to do is to give it permissions to run in the background when prompted - I did this however upon reboot of the phone the chat function was then disabled and had to be re-enabled as per above instructions.

I've since read on a French language post on here, that battery optimisation must also be switched off for this app so will try this and report back to see if chat settings persist after a reboot. Cupcake Oct 24, Zvia OnePlus 7 ProOct 24, :.

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